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COP/ROP22 DataPack Training

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About This Course

The COP/ROP22 DataPack Training is for PEPFAR employees who will be using the DataPack for COP22 target setting, as well as those who will aid in the review process. The training will provide insight into the various capabilities of the DataPack tool, and the ways in which the tool is set to aid in the target setting process by incorporating COP Guidance and MER 2.6 requirements. The various sections and modules of this course will provide details for each specific section of the DataPack tool and provide further clarification to the DataPack User Guide.

After completing this course, the participant will be able to: (1) Complete and review the COP22 DataPack tool for final submission and approval; (2) Understand the calculations and flow of targets being set across tabs throughout the tool and how they relate to COP Guidance and MER 2.6; and (3) Troubleshoot errors that are flagged by the tool and/or DataPack Self-Service App.