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ICPI Onboarding Training

Welcome to the ICPI Onboarding Training Pre-work Course! This course will help set the foundation for your in-person Onboarding Training at ICPI. The course should take about 10 hours to complete and includes important introductory information about ICPI, PEPFAR data systems and analytics, and COP. Enjoy!

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only
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About This Course

This course provides introductions to several important topics that are critical to understand prior to attending the in-person ICPI Onboarding Training.

The first section is PEPFAR 101 and COP, where we discuss the PEPFAR program, it's history, mission/goals, high-level results, and the COP process. Next is the Data Streams and Processes section, which highlights what PEPFAR data is collected, how often it is collected, and how it is collected. Next, the Introduction to Panorama section shows how PEPFAR data is visualized through the Panorama platform. Lastly, the Introduction to Sharepoint section highlights PEPFAR's knowledge management system.

We hope you find this course helpful in providing additional context and background to the in-person ICPI Onboarding Training you will attend!