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Safe and Ethical Index Testing

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About This Course

Welcome to the Safe and Ethical Index Testing Modulated Training Suite , which contains PEPFAR’s Guidance on Safe and Ethical Index Testing. This suite of materials has undergone a comprehensive update within the PEPFAR interagency space to align with current PEPFAR guidance on conducting safe and ethical index testing (SEIT) across diverse populations and technical areas. These 14 modules, both independently and collectively, serve as valuable resources for programs seeking to enhance their repositories and support the implementation of safe and ethical index testing. While these modules are an excellent resource for informational purposes, it's important to note that they are not intended for any credentialing process, and their content does not supersede national guidelines or guidance from PEPFAR implementing agencies.

These training modules provide a unique learning experience. Unlike traditional courses with a linear progression, each module contains a set of independent learning objectives. Paired with the PEPFAR Virtual Academy platform, participants in this course have the flexibility to 'chart their own path.' Individuals can tailor their learning experience based on their knowledge level and experience with index testing services. The self-paced nature of the course enables enrollees to easily resume their progress whenever they return.

Target Audience

USG staff and external colleagues (e.g., Ministry of Health, IPs) who implement index testing or support index clients.