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GEEKS: Interoperability and Health Information Exchange

Increasing Capability for Health Information eXchange (ICHIX) Challenge is both a Health Information Exchange (HIE) training and a challenge that addresses two tracks: Technology- addresses development of technical artifacts to implement HIS interoperability and HIE for GEEKS interoperability projects; Policy- addresses development of governance and policy frameworks and products that enable the effective implementation of interoperability technology artifacts. In the ICHIX Challenge, GEEKS Tier 2 project teams are expected to finish a project focused on interoperability in 8 to 12 months. The "challenge" is to collaboratively solve an important problem within a given time frame. The ICHIX Challenge consists of three phases: Phase 1 from March to July Focus: Demonstrate & develop working, value-driven artifacts; Phase 2 from July to Sept. Focus: Implement & scale up artifacts; Phase 3 from Oct. 2019 to March 2020 Focus: Monitor implementation & scale up; demonstrate value over time.

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The training for the ICHIX Challenge consists of: A series of webinars delivered by subject matter experts on topics such as: • Introduction to HIE • The Role of Governance & Policy in HIE & HIS Interoperability • Project Management Aspects of HIE & HIS Interoperability Projects • Ethical Practice & Implementation of HIE & HIS Interoperability • Standards used in HIE & HIS Interoperability • Mapping Interoperability Needs to "Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Profiles • Interoperability Frameworks (OpenHIE) • Architectures, Reproducibility, & at Scale Implementation- Current Trends, Concepts, & Challenges • DevOps Introduction • Evaluation of HIE & HIS Interoperability Projects • Costs & Benefits of HIE- Introduction to Economic Evaluation • Governance & Policy Requirements of HIE & Enterprise (National & Subnational Interoperability) • Scaling up & Sustaining Digital Health Innovations • Practical & useful worksheets that correspond to each of the webinars for teams to complete • Additional articles & guides that correspond to various webinar topics & provide additional information and guidance for teams • Mentorship that meets the level & type of support needed for each team