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Fundamentals of PEPFAR Data & Systems

Hello, and welcome to the Fundamentals of PEPFAR Data & Systems course! This course will provide a high-level overview of the PEPFAR data and systems landscape, and will cover everything from PEPFAR’s program mandate and mission, to the history and evolution of PEPFAR, to the types of data that PEPFAR collects. It will also cover the systems used to collect, view, and analyze that data and describe example cases that illustrate the how and why of using quality data for program analysis and improvement to speed progress in the fight against the HIV epidemic. We’ll also provide you with additional support and training resources that you can use to build upon your knowledge of PEPFAR systems and processes.

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    Spring 2020

About This Course

After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Contribute to a general understanding of the history of PEPFAR data;
  • Describe the overarching functionality of the PEPFAR Centrally Supported Systems, agency-specific systems, and country-specific systems (i.e. what they are, why they are used, how they are used, when they are used, and the interaction points between systems);
  • Define and describe the type of data in each system and how data flows through the various PEPFAR Centrally Supported systems. Identify the points of data transformation and user contact. Align data systems, tools, and data flows to the PEPFAR Data Calendar, COP, POART, and the PEPFAR business cycle;
  • Describe the relationship between data streams and the clinical cascade (95-95-95) and how data streams (MER, SIMS, ER and budget, and SRE) impact programmatic decision making; and
  • Contribute to a user community by expanding upon foundational knowledge of PEPFAR systems, processes, and how each system supports the broader overall mandate of PEPFAR.


This course is designed for all PEPFAR staff, including those who are new to PEPFAR and long-time staff who wish to expand their knowledge of PEPFAR data and systems. It is strongly recommended that all PEPFAR staff complete this course. There are no prerequisites for this course.

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